State-of-the-art healthcare furniture

Moments Furniture offers a diverse collection of healthcare furniture. Functional design with a great user experience. Moments also develops complete interior concepts made specially for the care sector with concern for comfort, look and hospitality. From furniture to interior design. Moments takes care of the whole package.






Our projects

Each project is unique. Which is why we do not simply deliver furniture. In close consultation with our clients, we design complete interiors that contribute to the comfort and wellbeing of users.  
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How we work

Moments Furniture is committed to the circular economy and a high-quality wellbeing policy. We resolutely choose materials that have a minimal impact on people and the environment. We also make every effort to create a healthy and stimulating work environment. During production, waste is reduced and recycled as much as possible. In addition, all components of our furniture can be separated at the end of their lives and recycled for use in new products.

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Our brands

In order to be able to approach your interior in a caring and thoughtful way, it is essential to be able to offer a broad and professional collection of products. In addition to our own collections, we complete our range with high quality products from some top brands, that we find suitable for use in care environments. Something we are particularly proud of at times.


Moments Production Seating Collection

At Moments, every piece of care furniture is developed with an eye for detail. Whether it’s an armchair, recliner or sofa: functionality and design come together in a balanced way to deliver a unique concept. This is immediately apparent from the extensive seating collection, which focuses on providing maximum seating comfort and meeting the needs and wishes of users.



Tuoi creates designer furniture with a style and look that appeals to people of all ages. At the same time, it satisfies the need for seating comfort, ergonomic ease of use and a touch of luxury. Tuoi combines these elements in timeless design, because aesthetics guide us in everything we do.

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What we can learn from care for the elderly in Asia

How is care for the elderly approached in Asia? And how does it fit in with popular Asian interior trends? Moments Furniture looked into it for you.

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After-sales Service & Maintenance

As an experienced care furniture specialist and manufacturer, we prioritise safety and quality. To enjoy our products in peak condition for as long as possible, we recommend that you have them regularly checked and maintained. We offer tailored servicing packages and maintenance contracts.

Tips & tricks for the maintenance of your healthcare furniture, download here the document.


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  • Up to 10 years warranty on all our products
  • Personalised annual maintenance contracts
  • Fast intervention
  • Support & education for your maintenance staff

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about one of our products or you would like conceptual interior advice, we would be delighted to help you.

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