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Our offering includes a wide range of care chairs and ergonomic seats for high seating comfort. See the results of our experience in and with the healthcare sector built up over many years.




From active sitting posture to reclining position, this comfortable armchair with ergonomic operation quickly adapts to the users needs and requirements.

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Enjoy a good book, a TV show or a relaxing moment. This geriatric reclining chair is very comfortable at all times; ideal for old age care.

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Geriatric reclining chair with high-end finish. The ergonomic back ensures the recliner is very comfortable; ideal when sitting for a long time and for older people with relatively demanding needs. 

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What is a recliner with powerlift?

A stand-up recliner chair is specially designed for comfortable sitting and easy standing up, especially for people with limited mobility. Its distinguishing feature is the integrated lifting system, which helps users get up without much effort by gradually tilting the chair up and forward. These recliners often offer additional comfort options to enhance comfort and well-being. In short, stand-up recliners combine comfort and mobility support for people with limited mobility.

What is a medical recliner?

A medical recliner is a specially designed chair that provides therapeutic benefits to people with medical conditions or specific care needs. These recliners for caregivers have advanced features such as adjustable seating positions, mobility, fixation or other options and accessories. They relieve pain, promote relaxation and provide comfort to people with conditions such as chronic pain, mobility problems and post-surgery recovery. A medical recliner improves patient care and well-being both at home and in the care facility.

Is reimbursement eligible when buying a stand-up chair?

In Belgium, the purchase of a stand-up chair can be reimbursed in some cases, mainly on the basis of medical necessity through health insurance. Conditions and procedures vary, so contact your health insurance or a healthcare professional for specific information on reimbursement options.

Is a stand-up recliner better for your back than a regular armchair?

A stand-up recliner can be more beneficial for the back than a regular armchair. This is because stand-up recliners are ergonomically designed and provide support for the back, neck and legs. The lift system makes getting up easier, which can reduce back strain. Moreover, they often offer different seating positions, providing extra comfort and back relief. However, it is important to choose the right chair based on your specific back problems and seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Is it better to choose an electric recliner or a manually adjustable recliner?

The choice between an electrically adjustable recliner and a manually adjustable recliner depends on personal preference and needs. Electric recliners offer effortless and precise adjustment, useful for less mobile people. Manual recliners are sometimes easier to operate and do not require a power source, which improves recliner mobility. The choice depends on convenience and individual needs, with the electric option for ultimate adjustability and the manual for simplicity and convenience.