Hospitality at all levels

Ce’s Arts is a place where gastronomy and cosy socialising take centre stage. Because this restaurant in the heart of Ghent is a contemporary work of art with a surprising menu and a refreshing design. Stylish, modern and welcoming with advice from Studio M as a secret ingredient.

A strong concept and attention to detail are what is needed to convey the right picture. Ce’s Arts, near Ghent’s Citadel Park, is the perfect proof of this. Everything has been thought of, both in front of and behind the cooking pots. For example, top chef Cederic De Mey presents classic dishes with a modern twist for you to enjoy. The look and feel of his dishes is extended to the cosy environment in which you dine.

For the interior, Studio M advised prime contractor Aldea and the interior architects of Bontinck, and Moments Furniture provided comfortable furniture. An exciting collaboration that resulted in a welcoming, friendly design of high quality. The modern, open atmosphere with a warm and clear colour palette is reminiscent of the cosy bistros you will find in metropolitan cities such as Paris.

Cosy comfort
The restaurant is accessible to everyone and is part of the wider living area of Aldea’s Beaux Arts care hotel. Ce’s Arts is separated from the residents’ restaurant by the kitchen and bar, but both areas complement each other seamlessly in terms of comfort, atmosphere and experience. Together they make up the perfect harmony between meeting each other and caring for each other. In this way Ce’s Arts has all the ingredients needed to become a permanent, timeless fixture in Ghent.

Interior architect: Bontinck
Conceptual advice: Studio M
Furniture: Moments Furniture