Tuoi is the Vietnamese word for age. Just like in the Vietnamese culture (and many others), we find age something to be celebrated and respected. We are convinced that beautiful, elegant products help you to enjoy life, today and in the future, without compromising comfort, safety and functionality.

Designer furniture meets ergonomics
Our brand was founded by spiritual father and leading brand ambassador Axel Enthoven, renowned designer and holder of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the prestigious Henry van de Velde Awards. Through its collaboration with Moments Furniture, an expert in furniture for the healthcare sector, Tuoi has had an unparalleled know-how in the ergonomics, safety and ease of use of furniture since 2022, including access to worldwide distribution.

Timeless elegance and ergonomic ease of use
Tuoi creates designer furniture with a style and look that appeals to people of all ages. At the same time, it satisfies the need for seating comfort, ergonomic ease of use and a touch of luxury. Tuoi combines these elements in timeless design, because aesthetics guide us in everything we do.

Art is all about enjoying life. With our comfortable and functional design, this becomes a lifestyle.