There is more to hospitality than furniture

The starting premise for the renovation of the bistro of the Sint-Barbara residential care centre in Herselt was to create a place where residents and visitors could enjoy themselves in comfortable surroundings. The new extension, which has plenty of windows, draws in natural light while giving residents a view of the play area and small pond nearby. In addition to catering to the care home’s guests, the bistro is also a place where family members, friends or passers-by can stop in for some coffee or an ice-cream.

Moments Furniture supplied all the furniture, partnering with Assar Architects and hospitality creator Studio M. The different shapes of the tables combine to create a playful, dynamic interior design scheme. The bistro also has two cosy lounge corners with comfortable armchairs for those looking to relax. A large wall bench against the wall in the corner adds the perfect finishing touch.

But there’s more to hospitality than  furniture. Mood lighting adds to the ambience, while large potted plants and decorative items create a lively, pleasant atmosphere. If you apply a holistic approach to your space, you create a living area where everyone feels good, where everybody will thrive.

Interior architect: Assar Architects
Interior concept: Studio M
Furniture: Moments Furniture