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What is healthcare furniture?

Healthcare furniture, also known as medical furniture or healthcare furniture, is a category of furniture specially designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of healthcare environments such as hospitals, residential care centres and mental health facilities. Unlike standard furniture, healthcare furniture is developed with a focus on providing comfort, functionality, and most importantly, the safety of carers and caregivers. The aim of healthcare furniture is to create a supportive and functional environment that contributes to patients' well-being and recovery, while improving the efficiency of caregivers.

What types of care furniture are there?

Different types of healthcare furniture are available to meet the diverse needs of healthcare facilities. This includes care beds (often also described as hospital beds), recliners, seats, bedside tables, care chairs, waiting benches and even specific furniture for various pathologies in hospitals or residential care centres such as maternity or dementia. Each type of furniture is designed with comfort, functionality and hygiene in mind, adapted to the specific requirements of the care environment.

Can standard furniture be used in care settings?

While standard furniture may be usable in some care environments, it is important to note that care furniture is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the care sector. Therefore, at Moments Furniture, we always take a careful approach when selecting furniture in our collection from other brands. Although these are standard (home) furniture pieces, they prove their functionality, comfort and hygiene in specific environments. So always get proper guidance when selecting the appropriate furniture per room, depending on the needs of the care user.

Does healthcare furniture comply with certain standards and regulations?

Yes, healthcare furniture must comply with strict standards and regulations to ensure safety and quality in healthcare environments. These standards can vary depending on the region and type of furniture, but they often include guidelines relating to materials, construction, hygiene, durability and ergonomics. A lot of electric recliners at Moments Furniture are CE approved, and our care beds also have the highest level of certification. Compliance with these standards and regulations is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and caregivers, and to improve the quality of care in healthcare facilities.

Can functionality and aesthetics be identified in healthcare furniture?

The aesthetics of healthcare furniture can vary, but modern designs and materials have significantly improved the aesthetics of healthcare furniture. Moments Furniture's healthcare furniture is designed with attention to both functionality and visual appeal. We strive to produce healthcare furniture that matches the design and atmosphere of modern healthcare facilities, while meeting requirements for comfort, hygiene and durability.