What we can learn from care for the elderly in Asia

All over the world, populations are ageing. The result, especially when combined with falling birth rates, is that the number of people aged 65 and over is increasing markedly, for example in Asia. We would therefore like to gain some inspiration from how interior design and care are provided in Asia. With thanks to Ageing Asia Alliance, partner of Moments Furniture.

Trends in care

The challenges of the ageing population are being felt everywhere, and Asia is no exception. The continent has a long history and culture of great respect for the elderly. Elderly people are seen as holders of wisdom and traditions, and this is reflected in how society treats them. For example, there are ceremonies and festivals in many Asian countries, such as Respect for the Aged Day in Japan or Senior Citizens’ Day in South Korea. We see that care is usually provided by the family and the community. However, increasingly busy lifestyles mean that things are gradually changing in this regard, with ever more use being made of residential care centres and home care organisations.

Stimulating healing environments

Moments Furniture is a loyal partner of the Ageing Asia network. This network brings together businesses, the government, community leaders and the media in order to share knowledge and explore opportunities. By so doing, they aim to improve quality and standards in care for the elderly. For example, by stimulating healing environments, combined with major Asian interior trends. 

Nature-inspired design 

Nature-inspired design is found in virtually every Asian interior trend. Respect for nature goes hand in hand with the rest and relaxation you crave after a busy day. For example, in a minimalist interior in which only the essential counts. This can have a soothing effect for elderly people as well. 

Warm, bright colours also offer calm, as they can easily be seen by the elderly and promote safety, in particular among people with dementia. A beautiful colour with enough contrast against its surroundings lessens the risk of falling.

Feng Shui

Seats and chairs that have a square or rectangular shape, enough room to move around, the bed placed so that its occupant has a view of the door, soft colours in the bedroom, wood accents in the bathroom... all these things are part of the 3,000-year-old Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Feng Shui doesn’t only influence interiors. It is a whole lifestyle that revolves around well-being and positive energy with the aim of creating more calm and comfort.

The art of imperfection

The wabi-sabi interior style has in the meantime also made its way to Europe. It’s all about cherishing imperfection, accepting that not every day is the same and enjoying life every day. This evokes a feeling of melancholy. In an interior, this style is expressed by the use of simple, natural materials like wood or stone. And - possibly handmade - objects or decorations for a warm feeling. 

Dare to combine

The Asian continent is particularly diverse. In order to incorporate all these cultural backgrounds into an environment in which elderly people feel comfortable, a mix of different interior elements can be used. This fusion style is always tailored to the elderly person’s wishes, for increased physical and mental well-being.

In summary, there are a great many Asian interior styles that offer a lot of added value for creating a calming and comfortable care environment in which elderly people feel welcome and at home. The messages of “less is more” and “embrace nature and the little things in life” are an ever-recurring theme. This is expressed in a love of simplicity and functionality on the one hand, and furniture with a timeless design on the other. 

Moments Furniture and Studio M will be very happy to help you create a tailor-made concept and the perfect furniture.

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