Recover comfortably in the Fusion lounge chair after a short procedure

AZ Monica in Deurne recently opened a completely renewed Cardio Lounge where patients can recover following a short cardiac procedure. The traditional hospital atmosphere has been replaced by a cosy lounge where patients can recover in a calm setting and wait for their procedure or results. The experience is completed by the ergonomic, electrically adjustable Fusion recliner.

Scientific research has shown that patients recover more quickly when they are less confined to a hospital bed. This sparked the approach at AZ Monica too; the home-like, modern atmosphere gives patients a more positive experience and shorter hospital admissions. Patients can recover from the procedure and wait for their results in every comfort, surrounded by natural elements, indirect lighting and a soft colour palette.

Our Fusion lounge chair was therefore the ideal choice for this refurbished space. This specially designed, electrically adjustable lounge chair is unique due to its cosy look and feel, combined with cleverly concealed, specific technical care functionalities. The Fusion is dark green, which is a perfect match for the space, filling you with a sense of peace and tranquillity as soon as you enter the room.

Furniture: Moments Furniture
Interior designer: ASSAR LLOX ARCHITECTS