Radboud gets care moving

Scientific research has shown that patients recover more quickly if they are confined to bed less and move more. So the ‘Better out of bed’ programme from the Radboud University Medical Centre is a step in the right direction.

Lying down is not a solution

Patients belong in bed. You’re literally laid up in hospital. After an operation, a patient spends on average 80% of the daytime in bed – with all the consequences that entails. A passive attitude has a negative effect on brain function. Muscular strength decreases and stamina is reduced. The risk of complications, such as pneumonia and bedsores, also increases. And all this while there’s a simple alternative that can promote the recovery process: movement.

Better out of bed

The Radboud University Medical Centre has developed a programme designed to get every patient moving quickly, at their own pace, after admission. ‘Better out of bed’ encourages patients to be active and leave their beds for a certain amount of time each day, even after major surgery. This involves the entire care environment – dieticians, nurses and doctors. Everyone helps. Eating? At the table. Cleaning teeth? In the bathroom. Taking a walk? A special route leads to the relaxation room or outside to get some fresh air. Everything is done to keep the patient out of bed as much as possible during the day.

The quickest way to recovery

According to scientists, a hospital’s facilities play an equally important role in mobilising patients. Inviting rooms with rest areas make it more attractive to get out of bed. Equipping the rooms with comfortable care chairs, aids and conveniences is also a good idea. With a view to equipping its new building, Radboud used our INO care relax in a test setup for a ‘patient room of the future’, because it offers the necessary seating comfort and allows the patient to stand up easily. These features fit in well with the concept.

And what about ‘Better out of bed’ today? The programme is generally applied in the Radboud University Medical Centre, and nurses, doctors and patients are positive. Patients recover faster and can go home more quickly. This also benefits the hospital, because it frees up a bed more quickly for the next patient. It’s time to get the whole healthcare sector moving!

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