A noble ambience in a unique setting

The Château D’Ochain residential care centre is set in green surroundings, near Durbuy. The residents, employees and visitors feel like nobility in this unique residential care centre, which is located in a real, 13th-century castle, that belonged to various noble families throughout its history. In 1951, the castle passed into the hands of the community and was converted into a social centre. In 1994, the castle was expanded.

The huge estate comprises a castle, an orchard and a large garden with a pond. Thanks to the building’s unique history and surroundings, this residential care centre feels less like a social centre for the elderly and more like a genuine home. The modern furniture and layout contrast nicely with the building’s authentic elements.

Studio M designed the interior while Moments Furniture supplied the furniture for the two restaurants, the cafeteria, the reception and the terrace. The residents of the more than 90 rooms also use the lounge chairs and beds of Moments Furniture. The hospitality creators settled for an exciting mix of the old and the new, using the building’s authentic elements as a key feature in their design concept, while blending them with a modern look and feel.

Waiting at the reception becomes an even more comfortable experience in the Cocoon or Toscane armchairs, with a modern ottoman that can also be used as coffee table. Meals can be taken in the bright airy restaurant next to the cafeteria or on the ground floor, surrounded by the building’s original columns. The wooden stairwell has been converted into a cafeteria where your gaze is irresistibly drawn up to the fresco on the ceiling. The modern patio furniture and the awnings contrast nicely with the patio’s authentic elements.

Creating healing environments

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