Custom-designed for people suffering from dementia

Care group Pantein thought very much outside the box for the large Cuijkse Cantheelen complex. The restaurant was contracted out to catering firm Hutten and is up to the standard of a private eatery. For the interior design, in consultation with the customer we drew inspiration from the architecture of the new residential complex. We designed a modern interior, pairing it with a selection of classical style elements, including the large baroque painting frames and chandeliers. We emphasised the open style of the kitchen with a frame with a smart custom-made cabinet displaying various regional products.

The ten rooms for the residents were all designed differently, reflecting the unique character of the interior and the personality of the person living there. We based the design for these rooms on the ‘Looking at dementia’ guidelines, which are based on scientific principles. This approach takes full account of the specific residential needs of older people who are suffering from dementia.