Moments supplied the comfortable patient chairs.

An inviting interior

The interior has bright colours for every department, a calm pallet in the patient rooms and soft but durable materials throughout, from flooring to window dressings. This is set off by nice patient chairs and bucket seats that are comfortable to sit in, organically designed desks in the consulting rooms, attractive tables and chairs in the waiting rooms and furniture adapted for children. Everything in ‘New Amphia’ feels inviting.

When designing the new hospital, everything was weighed up carefully.

Relax with Moments

A number of recliners were chosen from the wide range of care furniture from Moments. Amphia wanted extra comfortable patient chairs in the rooms as getting out of bed and moving about as soon as possible helps patients’ recovery. The patient chairs from Moments were found to meet the needs of the user and had the ergonomic design and functionalities that Amphia was looking for.