Project furnishing for new residential care centre

Recently, Eke has become home to the new construction of residential care centre De Lichtervelde. It meets all the requirements and comfort for the care of the elderly of today and tomorrow. From the design to the choice of furniture, they were supported by Studio M and Moments Furniture. The result is a warm, new and inviting home for some 230 senior citizens, their visitors and the care providers.

In addition to the new building, the furniture also received an update. From the entrance hall and the brasserie to the living areas, the chapel and the ‘De Parel’ day care centre: Studio M created a pleasant, stimulating and relaxing environment thanks to the smart furnishings and the choice of materials. A park has now been planted on the site where the old buildings stood.

New furniture for a rest home
At the entrance you can see the colourful Apollo seats and you can see the spacious brasserie with bar. Numerous cosy corners have been created with various armchairs, chairs, tables, wall benches and accessories. You can enjoy a drink at the table, relax in the seating area or play a board game at the large, long table. The living rooms feature comfortable reclining chairs for the elderly, such as Chester and Apollo, in calm and home-like colours.

The day care centre also received new furniture, such as the Vento and Laguna reclining chairs, Luna coffee tables and Joanne chairs. These chairs can be found in the modern chapel, with neutral upholstery and with a light-wood back and frame for a beautiful and calm whole.

Project: De Lichtervelde Residential Care Centre - Eke
Furniture: Moments Furniture
Interior concept: Studio M