A positive mindset the minute you set foot in the building

Residence Caulus is situated in Kaulille, a submunicipality of Bocholt in Belgian Limburg. The project comprises 30 assisted  living residences with a communal area. The communal area is a comfortable space that forms the beating heart of this development, where the residents and the entire village are welcome. 

Residence Caulus has been thoughtfully set up to make life for residents in their senior years as comfortable and pleasant as possible, by involving them actively in the community. The entire building has been designed as one large, cosy, meeting area. “Our ambition is to create a fulfilling living environment for residents where they can engage with the community,” says General Manager Marc Voets. “Together with the residents’ council, the family council, the various associations and the local government, we are continuously searching for ways to actively use this site and establish a connection with the senior residents who live here. The entire project is continuously developing, in line with Kaulille’s needs, and to foster social cohesion and increase the self-sufficiency of our residents.” 

Social contact above all
The assisted living residences are spacious and light. But above all, the residents need  social contact, which is why the communal area has been turned into a bright, attractive and cheerful space. It looks and feels welcoming and cosy because of the warm colours and materials used. “Our aim was to avoid looking anything like an institutional care facility,” says Marc Voets. “You sense the positive mindset the minute you set foot in the building. The garden’s design is also conducive to encounters, with courts for pétanque and kubb and plenty of flowers and shrubs.”

Marc had already worked with Moments Furniture in the past for the residential care centre ‘De Voorzienigheid’ in Bocholt. “The assistance that Moments Furniture provides and its furniture range are a great match for the idea that we wish to convey at Residence Caulus. We spent several sessions thinking about which concept would work best in this communal area. Moments provided just the right mix of a vision on care with ergonomic furniture that is suited to a care environment.”

Furniture: moments furniture
Interior design: Studio M

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