Pleasurable living

The non-profit association Amate is strongly committed to hospitality in the five residential care centres it operates in Belgium. WZC Sint-Jozef is no exception. The Amate house style of Assar Llox Architects that was previously used in Huizeken van Nazareth can also be clearly felt here in the Grand Café. Together with Moments, the interior team created a welcoming meeting place for residents and visitors.

During the design process, close attention was paid to choosing the right furniture: everything had to look attractive and offer a high level of user comfort. It remains a care environment, with Leonardo lounge chairs and Happy chairs (with and without armrest), and Salt, Flat and Discus tables. Moments furniture looks just right, and is cosy and easy to maintain. What is more, the seats were entirely custom-made for even greater seating pleasure. In short, everything was done to avoid standard solutions and go all out to create an original and welcoming setting.