Cosmo fauteuil prijkt in nieuw Thames Hospice in Windsor (UK)

Our moments furniture products are a big hit in other countries too. Our own Cosmo armchair now graces the new Thames Hospice in Windsor. The Cosmo armchair is to be found in the brasserie and reception area of this palliative care centre. 

Perfect for the care environment
The Cosmo armchair immediately stands out among all the other furniture – not only because of its excellent design, but also because of the precise attention paid to patient care. The Cosmo is everyone’s favourite armchair thanks to the ergonomic seating comfort and ease of standing up. The high back ensures a relaxed passive or supported active sitting posture, and the wide armrests provide extra support when standing up. In consultation with the customer and our international partner, the seat height dimensions were adapted to the needs of palliative care. 

Internationally designed
The interior concept was designed by renowned interior designer Elaine Lewis in collaboration with our UK partner Innova. Not only the ergonomic aspect was important: the appearance and choice of fabrics were also reasons for choosing the Cosmo and seen as the ‘icing on the cake’. The blue and green tones blend perfectly with the bright environment, the other furniture and the natural elements of the building. Combined with punctual delivery and high-quality furniture and upholstery, this is a project we can rightly be proud of.

“A job well done,” you might say