Moments shares expertise at M-academy

With the ‘Creating Hospitality’ approach, we aim to use our expertise in healthcare furniture to create a new form of home care. Care must offer comfort, be innovative and focus on experience. At the M-academy study days, together with other experts, we highlight this.

Creating a hospitable care environment

In more than 80 years, Moments has built up great expertise in the design and production of healthcare furniture. Thanks to our close contacts with the sector, we know exactly what’s going on and what’s happening. Today, we use this knowledge to develop interior concepts that are tailored to the needs of the residents of a residential care centre, the nursing staff and the visitors. Creating a comfortable, aesthetic and hospitable care environment - Creating Hospitality - that’s what it’s all about.

Sharing expertise

Based on our expertise, our relationship with the market and our insight into the needs of people in the residential care sector, we regularly organise events at which we invite experts from the sector to share their knowledge. We set up the M-academy specifically for this purpose. At these study days we discuss topics that can inspire the healthcare sector. We discuss interesting cases and trends, and present remarkable innovations.

Study day on dementia

One of our most recent study days was about dementia. Together with Ilse De Cauwer of co-thinking care, we shone a light on the challenges and solutions for a hospitable dementia friendly care environment. We looked at the day through the eyes of a resident in a residential care centre for people with dementia. After an introduction to the essence of dementia and the impact of architecture and the care environment on care, a ‘finger food experience’ followed. During short workshops the experts then shared their knowledge about the challenges and possible solutions concerning acoustics, scent, choice of colours and materials, lighting and multi-sensory innovations. An instructive experience that provided attendees with a broader understanding of the sensory challenges of dementia and provided practical tips.

See here for an impression of the M-academy.

M-Academy - June 2019

the challenges and solutions for a hospitable dementia friendly care environment